Tuesday, September 8, 2009

French Dressing

So your daughter has left for college and you're freshening up her old room- try placing that twin bed against the wall and dress it as a daybed - here we used toiles and stripes. Then hang mosquito netting slit up the back, add every pillow you can find in the house, and create a charming "Lit a la Polonaise". 

An end table is created from a knock-down table base covered with some burlap and a block print topper. The glass door armoire contains lots of her stuff, so we tacked up some lace panels to hide the clutter. 


The other side of the room still has her childhood dresser, now just the right size to hold the fewer  articles of clothing she still keeps at home, along with a flea market chair with a linen slip cover.

We didn't buy anything new, just used what we had!