Sunday, March 8, 2009

Display 101

Dress the top of a mantle by bringing the outdoors in-
Antlers, twigs and pinecones along with a muted tone landscape painting create a natural, peaceful feeling.

Combine fun and function in an etagere-
House your everyday essentials: china, glassware and wine, along with your favorite treasures: shells, books, figurines and small paintings. Create visual interest by varying height, color and texture. Use cakestands and stacks of plates and books to prop up personal objects. A small lamp on a shelf creates drama and atmosphere.
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Enhance the top of an armoire with a stylish display-

An initialed trunk, loving cups, vintage black and white photo and conch shell set the stage for a personal vignette in a guest room.


DoubleL said...

Wow, these women have STYLE. Who would have thought to put together that shell, old trunk and th trophies but it has that kinda Esquire plus House Beautiful look but without the pretentions. GIve these girls a hand -- Design challenged in Baltimore

Windlost said...

Hi Robin, thanks for your recent suggestions on my front entrance! Yes, I am ditching the wreath. I also rotated the rug as you suggested, which works for summer anyway. In winter, there is a heating register there that prevents me from turning the rug parallel to the door. Always something!

I have decided to do a small wall shelf. There is simply no room for furniture in this space. We would be tripping over it, as the space is smaller than it looks!

THanks so much for your tips and glad I found your blog.

xo Terri