Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Before and After: Terra Linda

This weekend we worked in a charming home where the homeowner was really into decorating and moving the furniture around, but just couldn't achieve the look and feel she was craving in her surroundings. We could immediately see that this wasn't a case of tightening up the rooms (as it so often is), but rather pulling them apart, allowing them to relax and be more used friendly.

The Family Room BEFORE:




What did we do?: 

-We removed the big jute rug and replaced it with a smaller white rug that was in the dining room. This added contrast to the wall to wall carpeting and defined the seating area. 

-We separated the sectional into a sofa and a chair. We pulled the sofa off the wall and into the room, making it feel cozier. We added some throw pillows and placed the chair on an angle facing opposite, creating a conversation area which balanced the room. We found the white garden stool in a back bedroom and placed it as a fun end table for the chair.

-We substituted a longer console table for the small end table table that was placed along the long wall. This anchored the art arrangement on the wall above, which we rehung and added to for more impact. We also placed a leather dining room chair along the wall, where it can be pulled in to the room for extra seating when needed.

The family room now feels sharper yet cozier. 

The Living Room BEFORE: Our clients said they didn't use their living room because it felt too formal and they enjoyed a casual lifestyle.  Their oversized furniture was from their former Victorian flat with big rooms and high ceilings, and they thought they had to replace all of it with smaller pieces. We felt that the placement of the 3 huge upholstered pieces blocked off the room and said "Don't come in." 


We wanted to create a lighter, airier feeling:

-We moved the sofa to the wall on the left and angled the chair opposite, opening up the entrance to the room. 

-We separated the corner bookcases and flanked the fireplace with them, adding height and interest.

 -The painting over the mantle was too large for the space and the colors overpowering, so we replaced it with a vignette of a round mirror and bronze horse - their fluid lines soften all the straight angles of the hearth and their shine welcomes you into the room.

- We removed the leopard bench as it was closing off the room and blocking the patio doors.  But our client had told us it was her favorite piece- we knew we had to find a place of honor for it....

The Dining Room BEFORE: Again, our clients said their room felt unwelcoming and didn't invite intimacy. Although we loved the drama of the chocolate walls, more color was needed to punch it up. And while the white rug provided contrast, it was too small for the table and chairs. 


Small room, Big changes! 

-Here's where we placed the large jute rug we removed from the family room. It's scale fills the room and makes it feel bigger, it's color adds warmth to the walls, and it's rough texture contrasts beautifully with the soft leather chairs.

-We removed 2 dining chairs and brought in that much loved leopard bench - by placing it up against the wall we created a fun banquette. We added softness with some white pillows we took from the family room sectional.  

-The red color accents we removed from the living room are just the ticket here : The red shaded standing lamp creates a sexy corner, and the massive size and saturated colors of the oil painting from the mantle stand up to the dark walls, creating drama for dining!

More photos:





Our clients were "thrilled with the transformation", saying that now their living areas "made sense and made a statement".  As we always like to say, you don't have to go out and buy new things- you often have everything you need right in your own home (although it may be in another room!)

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~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Great job got to go look again but I love that you pulled the dark shelf out of the corner and lightened it up with a plant. So much better and the diningroom is so elegant!
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~