Monday, January 17, 2011

Spring Awakening in Mill Valley

Here's a room that we transformed in an afternoon - we transitioned it from holiday decor to a fresh spring look.


We did a bit of de-cluttering and added focus, definition and pops of color:
-we removed all the loose pillows from the sofas and replaced them with fresh fun ones
-changed out the coffee table and end table
-reworked the mantle


Replacing the little pine coffee table with the large square black one (which was hiding in the corner) gives the room more sophistication. We took away the vintage table lamp and brought in the black floor lamp from another room. Adding the hot pink throw and "1" pillow (which happened to be the address of the house!) updates the sofas and lends a lighthearted air to the room.

The mantle BEFORE :


Glass vases, sculptural candlesticks, and natural elements all work together to create a fresh new look.

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Eileen said...

I love the whole concept of Transformations Home Stylists! You have really captured the market with a creative and meaningful execution that is just perfect for today's lifestyles. Simplify, renew and reinvent, that's my new mantra thanks to THS! I can't wait for your team to get to CT so you can reorganize and redesign my home into a simpler, sleeker look for my family and friends to enjoy.