Saturday, May 7, 2011

Live Your Fantasy!

Our client wanted this small bedroom to be her intimate sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the busy household. Her taste is very feminine and romantic, and she showed us her inspiration book above, "The Paris Apartment: Romantic Decor On A Flea Market Budget" by Claudia Strasser. We had to create her fantasy retreat with more dash than cash!

When we arrived, we could see she had some elegant pieces, but in order to make them shine the room needed a good de-cluttering and rearranging:


After a good sorting out and letting go, the fun began.

The pink peonies from her garden provided the inspiration for the wall color:

 We switched out the ceiling fan for a small crystal chandelier ($129) and re-covered the headboard by stapling on some silky gold fabric ($20). We hunted down the shimmery gold pleated dust ruffle ($5.99) and bronze shams ($.99 ea). We found some old curtains in her closet (recycled), and created a vanity table that also serves as hidden storage. Then, for drama and fantasy, we wanted to create a "lit a la Polonaise" (French canopy bed- see our previous post about this style here.)  We had the client's curtain panels to drape (use what you have) but needed a way to fasten them to the wall. To our delight, she disappeared into the kitchen and returned with an old copper pot rack, asking "Can you use this?"
 (repurposed) Why not???

With a little ingenuity, here's what we created for her:


                              Our client was thrilled with this little slice of Paris in her own home!


Chloe Rose said...

Wow what a difference! It looks absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Amazing change, the room is open now to change and
romance for the occcupant