Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sausalito: A Room With A View

Often in a living room with a spectacular view, such as that of the SF bay seen here, furniture arrangement can be a challenge. While you want to take maximum advantage of the panoramic vista, it shouldn't take over the room. It's important to create a beautiful and cohesive space that incorporates the view while functioning for relaxing and entertaining.

The homeowners tried to frame the view with the sofa, adding a club chair and a leather chair on one side, and a leather arm chair way over in the opposite corner of the room. 

What this arrangement did was to have all the seating, except that leather armchair,  face AWAY from the view and into the room.  Why did they do that? Maybe because of those steps leading down into the room- if they had placed the sofa in front of those steps in order to capture the view, they would have created a "wall" upon entering the room that would have blocked the flow.

We created  another solution-

The first thing we did was pull the sofa away from the window wall and float it opposite the fireplace. 
That brought the view right into the room. We then angled that club chair opposite the sofa, and upon scouring other rooms, found it's mate. We brought that in (we love pairs!) and also angled it opposite the sofa to create some eye pleasing symmetry.

We created a cozy conversation area that works on it's own and also takes full advantage of that stunning view, which you can appreciate anywhere you choose to sit.

We then  reworked the accessories on the shelves flanking the fireplace to create more visual impact.



               Filling the shelves with books, accessories and paintings created more drama and interest.

                                  This room can now hold it's own with that amazing view anyday!

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