Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Natural Christmas at the Ralph Lauren Mansion New York City

We're always talking about using natural elements in your decor throughout the year, and this of course is THE season to use nature to her full advantage in your home.  This is how it's done at the Ralph Lauren store in NYC in the Rhinelander Mansion, where innovative arrangements are everywhere:

Fresh pomegranates, thistles, pinecones and branches of berries decorate a swag which in turn, adorns a portrait draped with ribbon. Note how they hung  paintings and pictures from the bookcase - a charming way to display art.                                                            

Dried sunflowers and yarrow decorate an oversize wreath hung atop a mirror - double the impact!


The tree is dressed with fresh fruit, dried hydrangeas, pinecones, grasses and sprigs of wheat.

  And the best part - all of these natural finds can be culled from a walk in the woods or a stroll through the farmer's market...

Photos by Kit Latham for Mary Emmerling's Country magazine.


Anonymous said...

I've always loved these photos from the Ralph Lauren mansion because of the wonderful way in which they've incorporated traditional Christmas decor with natural elements. The result is so lush and gorgeous.

Grant K. Gibson said...


Trouvais said...

Hi Robin. Gorgeous large part because of the lovely lighting drifting over the overstuffed, wreathed bookcase. Thanks for you tip on Clifton-Mogg's "Textile Style" book. I'll have to break down and get yet another textile book! Merry Christmas. Trish