Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Mantle: How the Pros Do It

Ever wonder how they create the tableaux in shops and windows? There are some tips to remember.
First, odd numbers create tension- note the 3 wicker bottles which anchor the composition. Next, height creates drama- here lichen covered branches in free flowing shapes bring the eye way up on the diagonal. Which brings us to the next tip: forget symmetry, which creates a static composition. Here a whimsical effect was desired, so a free hand was the key (even the garland was draped a bit off kilter.) Repeat elements to create harmony- here the pine cones  echo the woven wicker bottles. Then, contrast creates visual interest, so the white balls, snowflakes, center star, candlesticks and glitter houses play off the darker tones.  The overall arrangement has an artistic feeling that pleases and delights the eye!


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