Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Office Makeover

"You transformed our living room last year to spectacular results. Still loving it!! (see it here) We have a bedroom which we use as a home office.  Last year we finished the room with paint, new baseboard, crown molding, new lighting.  All the furniture was pushed into the middle of the room.  It has taken me 6 months to go thru all the paperwork, crap, etc.  Now, we're ready to put the furniture back.  But where?  How?  What pictures (bob's sports memorabilia) should go back?  I've always wanted the room to have a nice, officey look but have missed by a country mile.
Can you help us? " 

That was an email from a client- and our reply was "Of course- we love a good challenge!"

Here's what the room looked like when we arrived:

We found out that the game table could go, but that this was also used as TV room so it needed to accommodate a sofa. So let's see- a sofa, a TV, a roll top desk, a computer and printer, a long file cabinet, more files that needed a home, and sports memorabilia. 

So....we dragged out the game table and brought in the sofa and placed it under the window, Then we brought in an ottoman to put your feet on (with a tray it can also hold the chips and beer!) We wanted to add some BLACK for some contrast - we bought a black Ikea bookcase that fills that niche  in the back to house all the sports memorabilia and a small black standing lamp for reading. Elsewhere in the house we found a small round black table to sit next to the sofa and 2 big stripe pillows for some punch:

We placed the long file cabinet on the wall opposite the sofa and put the TV on it and hung the sports photos.
We found a fun little chair in the family room and brought that in for extra seating:

The roll top desk went against the wall as you enter with the computer on it. A new wood file cabinet was purchased to house the file surplus and the printer, as well as a chic new desk chair:


                                                                          And AFTER:

                                                                             Challenge met!

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