Friday, March 25, 2011

Quick Change: Piedmont

A lovely vintage home needed a bit of a shake up. The living room had great proportions but wasn't taking advantage of the space -  a lone love seat, small occasional chair and tiny area rug didn't feel inviting enough in such a large and gracious room.


We moved the love seat to face the fireplace and created a conversation area with a pair of chairs and an ottoman we found around the house. We anchored this seating area with a large patterned rug we found in the family room. The homeowner wants to replace some of this furniture, and can now easily switch it out when they're ready to purchase new pieces. We also reworked the fireplace mantle with a lamp and some large colorful ethnic pieces from their collection, creating a strong focal point as soon as you enter the room.



Here we replaced the rug we took for the living room with one we found on a back sun porch - it's brighter colors and modern stripe work better with the contemporary sectional. Although we did play around with the sectional's configuration we kept it as it was because it worked best for TV viewing, the room's main function. But by simply pulling it away from the wall a few feet and floating it in the room, the whole arrangement came alive. Adding some pillows we found in a bedroom,  a throw that is actually a tablecloth, and a decorative bowl pulled in the color from the walls. This was originally the home's dining room, so we placed a corner table so the the room can easily function for dining and entertaining. Next on the agenda is hanging movie posters from the home owner's collection to add even more personality to the room. 

A fresh new look in an afternoon using only what you have!

The homeowner wrote to us:
"Thanks! I should have taken pictures when I came home last night: my son had some friends visiting from school... they were gathered in the living room, a fire in the fireplace, and snacks arranged on the dining table! It looked very homey!"

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