Monday, March 7, 2011

Reclaimed Living Room

We're  often called in to help clients rescue their living space from the everyday clutter that creeps in and takes over, especially their kids' toys, papers, art projects, etc. While a hard working family room/living room has to function on many levels, the constant chaos of all that stuff does nothing to help create a calm, welcoming space to kick back in after a long and tiring day. With some editing and organizing, it becomes much easier to clean up at a moment's notice and have a room ready for relaxing or even entertaining. BEFORE:
Piano, TV cabinet,  and kids' art armoire all lined up on fireplace wall.
Large painting with smaller framed family photos are out of proportion over fireplace.
Desk filled with kid clutter - move it all to tween's room!
Table with computer sits in front of doors in order to capture panoramic views.
Dining room table becomes catch-all for miscellany.
A fresh coat of paint pulls the room together. Client bought new plasma screen, so we used the bottom of the blue TV cabinet as a dining room server, providing extras storage as well.
Round mirror was placed over mantle and displayed with client's accessories. Sofas now centered in room to use all the space.
That former computer table is now repurposed as a sofa table.
Art armoire moved to tween's room and piano moved to opposite side of fireplace to lighten up wall.
Plasma screen will be mounted on the left.
We purchased a large ottoman to visually tie the 2 sofas together and provide some graphic punch, as well as extra seating  and a broad surface to put your feet upon.
Cluttered with kids' outerwear and shoes.
Coat closet was reorganized to hold kids' outerwear. New entry rug pulls room together with color.
Former kids' desk moved to entry can house laptop and still take advantage of views. 
Large painting from over fireplace moved to stairwell where it creates a fun focal point.

The Living Room AFTER: style and function working together!


acecopygirl said...

It's amazing how you can see through all the jumble and clutter and create a beautiful space. I liken it to s sculptor seeing a work of art in a mere block of stone.

Transformations Home Stylists said...

Thanks Ace Copy Girl- we've never been compared to a sculptor before- what an interesting way of looking at it! Robin & Sissy