Monday, November 9, 2009

Before and After- Sausalito

This home belongs to a flea market enthusiast whose taste leans toward Asian baskets, lacquerware, and bamboo. She called us to help her place her furniture to maximize the small space, make her office more functional, and display her collections.

BEFORE: Our client had created a narrow pathway by placing her sofa parallel to her entry table; while we applauded her creative use of rattan screens to camouflage her kitchen cabinets from view in the living room, the pathway felt cramped coming in from the front door and the entry needed some "punch":AFTER: By moving the sofa, we were able to create a graceful entryway, while highlighting some of her beautiful urns and introducing some color:BEFORE: The back of the sofa and massive height of a large tansu chest confronted you as you entered the living room, making it feel closed in and blocking the view and the light. The large contemporary piece of art was very impressive, but was competing for attention with the 2 rattan panels on either side. The TV was on the etagere, hiding behind a wicker tray:

AFTER: In order to create a greater sense of space, we moved the sofa away from the entrance and placed it against the far wall between the panels, creating a pleasing symmetry.
We separated the 2 tiered tansu chest, eliminating the boxed-in feeling and allowing you to look straight into the room and out to the garden upon entering. We placed the TV on one side of the chest and then hung the decorative screen on the wall above it, diverting the eye. The wicker etagere was moved out of the room. The large contemporary painting was hung next to the front door, again creating a greater feeling of space when you first walk in.

BEFORE: In her office, one of our client's requests was for a surface to work on. She was frustrated at having to use the coffee table as her desk - it was uncomfortable to lean over, and too small to contain everything so her papers were scattered everywhere. Also, her sofa was worn and soiled, and she was trying to hide the fact under several pillows and throws:

AFTER: We brought in a matching wicker table from another room, paired it with the one here and placed them under the window to create a desk for her. An inexpensive slipcover was purchased for the loveseat, and we pulled some of her charming accessories together to create a vignette for the end table to the right:

Our client was thrilled with the results- (Jeanne, thanks for letting us show your space!)

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That workspace looks as magnificent as those London serviced offices! Two thumbs up for a great transformation! :)