Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wall Decor- Go For Impact!

Add personality to your walls by highlighting your collections - then create visual impact and make a bold statement by using repetition.

Hanging a wall grouping "salon style" is fun because anything goes. Try a bigger piece in the middle to ground the composition and fan it out out from there. Or use pieces all the same size that share a theme or coloring.  Paintings, prints, photos, mirrors- anything you can frame will work.  Add on to the collection whenever you like, letting it constantly evolve and don't be shy- bring it down to the floor, up to the ceiling or follow the architectural lines of the wall:


Baskets add texture, warmth and dimension to a narrow vertical space next to a fireplace. The basket on the stool becomes part of the composition and anchors it:

Plates and platters of different shapes above a sideboard in the dining room add color and charm:

The repetition of the plates here creates a focal point in a narrow space above a kitchen window:

On a kitchen wall the plates echo the round shape of the clock and add balance to the shelf: 

Antlers only used to be seen in traditional settings, where they added to the rustic hunting lodge look. Now they are very popular in all types of decor - here they are hung over contemporary black and white photographs, creating a modern classic feel:

Make a statement on your walls- treat them as your own personal canvas and make your home a true reflection of who you are!

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