Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dress your Desk



Clients sometimes have an old rolltop desk or an antique secretary in a room, all closed up and lonely in the corner. We say, open it up and fill it with all the things you love to look at: greeting cards, photos, mementos, etc. Create a cozy nook you would enjoy retreating to when you want to send off a note or pay a bill- it makes the process much more pleasant.
(By the way, the first photo is of Al Capone's jail cell - note his charming desk!)


Trouvais said...

Hi Robin. Thanks for your comment and visit.I agree with flinging the secretary doors open, objects showing bits of who you are. I never went to the Marin City flea...just started going to Alameda a few years ago.Love the hunt! Trish

acecopygirl said...

Al Capone sure had a cushy little lair, didn't he? I wonder who provided those charming appointments for him? I love the red cover thrown over his cot!