Friday, November 6, 2009

Make an Entrance

Welcome yourself home with a warm reception- create a space, no matter how small, that is attractive and inviting. Let's go in, shall we?

Have some flowers at the door to greet you. A hall stand, hat rack, or simply some hooks help minimize clutter, as does a small table or shelf to throw your bag, keys and mail on. A mirror is always useful for a last minute check when you're running out the door. A small rug at the door is often needed; a small kilim or seagrass runner is decorative and camouflages dirt. Treat your entry as an important part of your home; it's where first (and last) impressions are made!


French-Kissed said...

Thanks for dropping by. Trish is such an inspiration and I always learn so much from her. As for your blog, I absolutely love your platform--"Love the Home You're With"! In my first visit I did in fact confirm that we are kindred spirits as you suggested in your comment--can you believe I have the same LV purse you show on the entry mirror (bought mine on my honeymoon in Paris back in 1985) and I love antlers!!! So happy to meet you. Just added you to my Bookmarks.

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

I couldn't agree more.... a welcoming entrance is a must and it also gives a peek as to what is behind the door. I love the lemon tree at the entrance. Thanks for the inspiration.

Grant K. Gibson said...

Love the black front door and the hat rack!